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My First Anniversary

My first wedding anniversary was on 9th August this year and my husband decided what he was going to do for it would remain a big surprise.   It was difficult for him because I was booked to photograph someone’s wedding on that very day and he tried to arrange every thing around it. It still makes me smile to think of it.

He did try bless him but he’s not the best at trying to do things in secret and as much as I had a very good idea as to what he had planned, it didn’t help that he would leave his Facebook open time after time on messages and even though I had clocked names of my friends I resisted the temptation to look.  Yes, I was very good.  He had been planning this for some time and I wanted to give him as much chance to keep this a secret as possible.  He was obviously doing a lot of planning to make it work and I do appreciate how difficult that can be.   It also didn’t help that my son let the cat slip out of the bag just a couple of days before but I pushed it off smiling because no matter what, it was the sweetest thing that anyone has ever done for me.

Needless to say it turned out brilliantly.  We ended up at beautiful Coombe Abbey.  Back where we got married exactly a year to the date and in the same room that we had booked back then.   I love Coombe Abbey and as much as I will always have fantastic memories of my wedding day there, it was so magical to spend our first anniversary there too.   I would have been happy spending it anywhere as long as we were together but being there meant the memories came flooding back deeper and more vivid.  We lost a whole evening just reminiscing about our special day.  There was more to that weekend that he had arranged and we had the most fantastic lunch with my closest friend Vickie and Adam, my Mum and Dave and not to forget my gorgeous son, Samuel.  Although I had been out with my camera before they arrived, I didn’t take my camera out with me for lunch so I missed a great opportunity to get some photos of us but to be honest sometimes it really is better to spend the time with the people around you, rather than photographing them and this was definitely one of those occasions.  I did make up for it later though.

I’ll leave you with some of my memories from that weekend and I leave myself with a huge smile as although I didn’t think it was possible, I fell in love with Michael all over again x

Until next time.





A little footnote – there is only one photo of Michael because he pulls silly faces at me every time I point my camera at him and yes the photo of me with the orange and brown shawl was taken by him sneakily when I wasn’t looking x


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