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Bradgate Park – Family Location Photoshoot

If I was to pick my favourite time of year to photograph, it would definitely be Autumn.

I love the newness of spring, when the summer sun caresses my skin or the frost and ice in winter create a network of messages across the landscape but Autumn for me is the time that I love to photograph the most. The time when nature is preparing to shed her skin in readiness for her rebirth.  The time just as the leaves are starting to release themselves to the ground and the air gets a little fresher each day.  I think the colours are what I really love the most, the rich browns, golds, reds and greens everywhere you look.

Even late Autumn when you get to that special cozy time of year,  when I can pull out my softest and baggiest of jumpers, my woolly hat and not forgetting my extra soft scarf, no need for a thick coat yet.  I can roam free in the countryside without getting frostbite after an hour or so and I feel revitalised and I love doing this with my family.   I recently photographed a family shoot at Bradgate Park. I was so excited when Rachel contacted me to arrange it for her mum, Sue for her Christmas Present.   I’ve never been here before and in fairness to the size of Bradgate Park, we didn’t get to see all of it but it’s a wonderful place to visit and even more wonderful for me to be able to go with Sue and her family to capture some memories for them.

What better gift can you give to someone than time together as a family?

It’s definitely my favourite present and I shall leave you with a selection of my favourites from their shoot.


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Such a super family, I really loved spending time with them.

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Until next time.