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Best Friends Are Dogs

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a fanatical animal lover.  I have a few of my own and I could never see my life without them, they enrich my life no end and the endless cuddles and play brightens the darkest of days.  I could write pages on how much I love my dogs and how wonderful they are but today I’m keeping it short and sweet (well hopefully).

If you don’t know who is who, Charlieboy is my beautiful brown-eyed Red Setter and Zeus is our rather handsome and ooh so mischievous Wolfdog.

Towards the end of last year, we nearly lost Zeus.  An over eager puppy dog and a who would of believed it ‘life-threatening’ soft toy.  Part of the soft toy had managed to lodge itself in his small intestine and the build up of gas around it was poisoning him.  One minute he was his usual bouncy, playful self, the next he couldn’t lift his head or even wag his tail and he was so sick.  As my husband says now, if you never understood the term sick as a dog, that occasion certainly gave a new meaning to it.

One thing for sure, it certainly made me readdress the things that Zeus can play with.  He spent 5 days in the vets and even though we could visit him, it was heartbreaking to see him so ill.

A lot of people follow my FB page and because I post photos of the boys there, once they found out Zeus was in the vets and critical the support was amazing.  Needless to say, since he’s been better I have been flooded with requests to post a few more of him and also of Charlieboy.

So here goes, the boys enjoying one of their usual haunts.  We always enjoy the walks but sometimes I wish I had their coats rather than my own.

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