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Darren & Chris – Pre Wedding Meeting, Tunbridge Wells.

Pre-wedding consultations are one of the things that I really love doing, next to photographing weddings of course.  I get to meet my couples before their big day and I prefer to do it at their venue.  I get to look around with them, in our own time, chatting, listening and visualising just what their day is going to be like.  I get to see them very relaxed and enjoying all the details and then I get to see if for real just a few weeks later.

I really do love these parts of my job.

Recently I met up with Darren and Chris, they are getting married in April at Salamon’s in Tunbridge Wells.  This place is amazing, inside and out.  Not only does it have the most beautiful landscape, parchment colour pillars, twirling metalwork and high arching windows, it also has a beautiful staircase which leads a theatre of all things and there’s a beautiful red bricked museum.  I’m having a ball already but then on the couple of occasions that I have met these two, I always do.

The thing with Darren and Chris is from the first moment I met Darren in Regents Park and then them both last year, it’s like I’ve known them my whole life.  They are super fun to be around, hence the ‘having a ball’ remark.  I remember having a conversation about their proposal and Darren had done an awesome job of keeping it all a secret.  I am completely rubbish at keeping secrets for surprises so I admire anyone that can.  He took Chris for afternoon tea at the Langham Hotel, followed by theatre, completing the evening with oysters and champagne.  I do love proposal stories, they make me all giddy with emotion.

It’s really quite sweet because Chris thought they were ‘just celebrating’ as it was a year to the day they met, so the surprise was truly a surprise.  See, I said he did an awesome job of keeping the surprise secret.

Well I’m sure you get the picture, the rest is all about to happen and lucky for me, I get to witness it.  I will leave you with a few of the shots I took at our pre-meet, you’ll see how much fun and what a great couple these two are.  I cannot wait for their big day.  It’s going to be something extra special, just like them.

Did I mention that I really love my job!

Until next time.




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