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Mr & Mrs Reeves – A Davenport Green Hall Wedding

I’m finding I am getting more requests for weddings outside of my normal area, which is great because I love having the opportunity to photograph somewhere entirely new.   Davenport Green Hall in Manchester is a first for me and I was delighted when Aimee and Ben chose me to photograph their wedding there.  It’s a beautiful venue and has a stunning Japanese ornamental garden.  So having the opportunity to meet Aimee and Ben there before their wedding was fantastic.   I knew that it was going to be a mighty special day, not just with all the lace and vintage touches and Aimee’s beautiful dress.  You see these two are a pretty special couple, they have a wonderful connection.  I adore them and you only have to look at them to see how much in love with each other they are.

It rained like you wouldn’t believe just before the wedding and this was one that I knew I would need to be a bit creative with if it rained on the day.  There wasn’t really anywhere inside to take their special couple portraits or group shots without interfering with the festivities and I don’t ever wish to do that.  Well, it did rain and we did a fair amount of running in and out every time we had a moment.  Everyone was fantastic about it and it didn’t spoil it in any shape or form.  I think you can judge for yourself by the photographs.

Until next time.